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Customized tools, educational approaches, and proven technologies offered by Aim Credit Repair guide you through the tasks and actions needed in order to maintain a healthy score and accomplish your credit goals.

Our goal at AIM Credit Repair is to get you back on track with a better and continually improving credit rating, but we also want to see you thrive and advance in your future financial goals. We have the technology and educational tools to help with that. 

Begin New Financial Habits – Get Your Credit Score Up to 650-700

Depending on how low it was to start with, it may take time to work toward getting your credit score up to the high 600s and 700s. Any past debt still on your report will need time to age out. Once that happens, your score will rise again. What else can you do in the meantime to keep your score heading in the right direction? You might need help with these:

  • Active Credit Monitoring – Don’t be passive about your credit profile. Now that you’ve gotten it under control take an active role in checking it regularly to avoid surprises. 
  • Budgeting – Develop a budget that accounts for every dollar you’ll make before cashing your paycheck. A budget can help you identify and eliminate careless or disproportional spending. 
  • Limit credit checks – Any credit check done on your account by an outside entity can lower your score. Avoid applying for credit if you don’t need it, even if the local department store offers a discount for opening a credit account. 

Credit Tips to Build New Credit Rating

We can help with customized plans that help build credit for those with no credit or a very low score. Based on your goals, your plan could include our guidance in these kinds of steps: 

  • Controlled credit purchases – You can create a positive credit rating by getting a secured credit card that you use to make daily purchases like gas and food if you pay it off at the end of every month—no splurging. Don’t buy what you wouldn’t without credit.
  • Credit-building loan – After saving cash to make a large purchase, you could secure a credit-building loan for a car or other large purchase. Scheduled installments can be automatically debited from an account that already holds the full amount due for the item. This plan can build a great payment history and ultimately raise your credit score.

At AIM Credit Repair, we enjoy helping our clients achieve financial freedom with a great credit score. We can walk you through good habit-building practices that can free you from anxiety and frustration. Our tools help you take control of your financial future and pursue goals for your family’s security.

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