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Fico Score Repair Agency In Minneapolis, MN

Find out fulfillment when clients express their satisfaction with our services through testimonials. We are Best Fico Score Repair Agency In Minneapolis, MN. Their happiness and success are what make our job and service more rewarding. if you are Looking for Fico Score Repair Services In Minneapolis, MN then your search ends here.

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Aim Credit truly is awesome! Not only did they fix my credit but they educated me on how to keep my credit in good standing! I’m appreciative for all that they’ve done and recommend them to all that needs help!
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Brittany M
Carlos has been extremely helpful through my credit repair process. He has explained to me in detail the entire process and been consistent in reminding me off different ways to build my credit. I have worked with two other companies one larger and one smaller and this has by far the best experience.
Kela H
Just a quick review on how well these guys did and to tell you how this was one of my best decisions. Hiring these guys was a no brainer after seeing their work. Seeing it actually work for me, is beyond me. Happy with the results and easy decision. Recommend these guys to anyone who’s ready to change their lifestyle or to improve it.
Sam Hufanga
First of all, I would like to thank Carlos and the AIM credit repair team for all of their hard work on my behalf to improve my credit. Great communication, fast results and I am very pleased! There are a lot of companies who offer credit services, but the difference being the transparency and willingness to give you resources to maximize your credit potential, subsequently allowing you reach your goals. Choosing AIM has been one of the best investments I’ve made. The best advice I can pass on is to just DO!! Take action to make the call and they do the bulk of the work for you. Good credit is possible, you just have to get started. Looking forward to purchasing my first home in the near future.Thanks again guys!
Danie K
If you are looking for professional, responsive and friendly assistance with your credit repair needs, look no further! Carlos will take care of you, while they provide amazing advocacy and guidance throughout the process. Carlos is extremely knowledgeable and can offer you advice and options that you may never know existed. Dealing with low credit and financial burden can be overwhelming, but Carlos will help every step of the way and help you get where you need to be! Amazing services and amazing people!
Stella Hewett
Today, Carlos and his team were able to increase my credit score by 100+ points within a year!! Carlos and his team were able to help me get out of the financial mess I had made for myself (like most of us) when I was younger. So Trust me when I say, “TRUST THE PROCESS”! It’s going to take some time for sure, but as long as you stick to his program and do as he says, he will help you remove/delete those negative marks on your history and closed accounts on your accounts for good!! Student Loans, Credit Cards, Auto Loans! Gone! You name it! He will help!!
Kungshen Thao
Carlos and his Team are amazing, I would refer them in a heart beat he has/is currently helping my score/credit report improve getting inquiries and debt removed. Staying in contact with me and letting me know the process the whole way through is a plus for me, Carlos also makes sure I understand the process. Thanks Carlos and Aim Team
Lasha Bateman
Aim Credit Repair! What can I say that’s not great about this company? Nothing absolutely nothing. From day one Carlos has been walking me through everything every step of the way. Patient enough to teach and share knowledge when questions are asked. I honestly couldn’t ask for a better company that Genuinely wants to help people get the best credit score possible, and they have showed me that a high score is very possible! Great company guys, nothing to loose and so much to gain.
Daniel St. John
I would like to thank Carlos and his team at Aim Credit Repair for a job well done! They are always available when I had questions and are very affordable. I would recommend Aim Credit Repair to anyone in need of help repairing their credit or improving their credit scores!
willie cager III
I hired few credit repair agencies to help me work on my credit but none of them were as great, Carlos ( AIM credit repair LLC) were very helpful and the result was amazing. Carlos and his team worked hard to solve my problems and show creat customer service I would recommend anyone who needs help with their credit repair because the result is quick and amazing.
Faysal Omar
Definitely would recommend using AIM Credit Repair the experience was amazing & Safe & secure & very thorough. They took the time to help me thru the process every step of the way. Thanks to them my Credit score has increased & my credit reports are accurate. Thanks again.
Caira Fuentes
Carlos and his team are really amazing. They have taken care of me and helped rebuild my credit score. They’ve removed late payments and bad remarks from my score. It really has helped prepare me to purchase a house next year. Highly recommend!!!
A. Ahmed
Carlos and his team are amazing! I literally look forward to my monthly updates, credit score increase advise, etc. I researched over 50 companies prior to selecting this one and I regret not listening to my sibling and hiring them sooner. This team is simply Effective. Hire them!!!
Krystle Louis
I literally can’t believe how fast and professional this company is!! I worked with a credit repair service before and wasted a lot of money. I was referred to Aim Credit Repair by a friend and let me tell you….this company showed up, showed out and is completely saving my life!!! The communication is great and I’m seeing results really fast!! I really appreciate everything you guys are doing.
Tressa Dior
I was referred to AIM CREDIT REPAIR by my sister and her husband and let me tell you… This was the best decision my spouse and I had ever made in life. First off it’s affordable and that’s major in todays economy, second thing is Carlos is amazing he’s very professional and his communication skills are a 20/10. Within the first month my score increased dramatically by the second month I was up 80 points !!!! Carlos helped me remove things I’ve been tryna remove for years and I’m forever grateful, and as for my spouse the same thing scores have gone through the roof… I will continue to use this service for a while 800’s here we come.
Vernon Odom