Monitor Your Credit Profile

What exactly is Credit Profile Monitoring, and why is that a thing? Do you really need help with that? Credit monitoring with AIM Credit Repair is every bit as important as repairing your credit report, for all the same reasons, plus a few more.

Your Financial Future Depends on Accurate Credit Reporting

Once you’ve gone to the trouble of cleaning your credit score, it can start to improve. It’s possible that, even with good spending and payment habits, bad things can show up on your profile to damage your credit score again. Here are things to watch for:

  • Errors in reporting – Humans and automated systems do make mistakes. The longer it takes to see and challenge these mistakes, the more challenging it can be to contest and document them.
  • Credits need to be applied – There are items you want to be reported which raise your score over time. First-time homebuyers’ credit, regular on-time rent or mortgage payments and child support credits don’t always automatically make it onto your report.
  • Credit Score Alerts – Know when your score raises or lowers to avoid surprises for future purchases and let you act when needed.

Monitor the Actions of Others on Your Credit Profile

Other entities can sometimes affect your credit score, and often without your knowledge or consent. The sooner you identify and deal with these incidents, the easier to avoid or repair the damage done to your credit score.

  • See who is accessing your score – Checking your credit score, aka a soft inquiry, will not affect your rating. Hard inquiries, or others checking your credit profile, however, could certainly hurt your credit score. Monitoring your credit profile helps track new credit lines, such as store credit cards or making other purchases. Avoid unnecessary credit checks by not applying for credit outside of large, planned purchases.
  • Identity Theft – There are several ways your sensitive personal information can get into the wrong hands. Data breaches, old credit applications and insecure internet connections can make you a victim of identity theft. Monitoring your credit profile can expose all kinds of purchases, credit applications and other financial transactions made by imposters in your name or with your social security number.

You’d hate to go to all the trouble of fixing your credit score only to allow the actions of others to ruin it again. It can be time-consuming or confusing to monitor your credit profile for yourself, especially if you’ve just gone through a financial crisis. Call AIM Credit Repair to see how we can help you today.

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